Add Personality To Your Blog – Part 2

Carrying forward and extending ideas from Add Personality To Your Blog – Part 1 let us explore few more methods to add personality to a blog.

4. Be Your Own Critic.
There is no one better to find faults in your writing than yourself. After you have finished writing your post, take some time to read out the posts loudly with proper punctuation marks and phrasing. This will help you find mistakes if any in your posts and transfer your personality to your writing. Remember everyone reads and writes differently and this makes us unique. And if you can read your own posts, you can add your own personalty to your blog.

5. Bring Other person’s style in your writing.
It is a very effective technique which you can use on your blog. Pick up the style of your favorite blogger and write a post using his style of writing. This will give you a good idea about what can work for you and what doesn’t. Using other people’s style of writing you will be able to break down your own style of writing to find the minor mistakes which you need to correct. This will help you understand your style better and strengthen it as a blogger and as a person.

If you incorporate the tips mentioned in this post, you will find that you can grow more quickly as a blogger and build up your online reputation. Thus your personality will develop to an extent that it will be a source of inspiration for many bloggers in present as well as future.

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