Blog Content And Traffic

Blog content is very important and it is the backbone of your blog. Here are some of the important points one must keep in mind while building content for the blog.

# 1.Unique Content. This helps you get higher rank in search engine rankings and provides your users with content they will not find anywhere else. 
# 2.Targeted Keywords. You need to be really particular about the keywords and niche of your website. This helps you get highly targeted ads for your site because your site’s content is highly targeted to a particular topic. If the crawler cannot decipher what is the content of your website, you will end up getting ads which are highly ill targeted and do not match your site’s content. In worse cases I have seen public service ads being displayed because the crawler could not find any regularity in the content. Displaying public service ads will not get you any money only targeted ads will.
Not all the traffic one receives to their blog is helpful. Targeted traffic is essential in order to channelize / monetize a blog. You need visitors who are actually interested on your blog’s content and you need thousands of them visiting your blog on a daily basis. It is to be noted that you earn only a few cents per click , so to earn a decent amount you need good number of clicks and hence large number of visitors to make it happen in reality.
Search engine traffic is a highly targeted traffic and for this reasons usage of proper keywords is absolutely essential .Search engine traffic gives a high CTR. People visit your site through search engine because your site can provide a particular information which no their site in the world can provide.
The more number of pages you have on your site , more chances of getting traffic through search engines and more chances of satisfying the needs of your readers.

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