Blog To Build Relationships With Your Readers

As a blogger you should feel blessed fortunate and grateful that you have the power to influence a lot of people around you. There are only a handful from the entire sea of blogs that manage to build a loyal community of friends and followers, ones which are not jealous of your success and ones which accept you the way you are.

Become friends of your readers and the hesitation immediately vanishes. They will listen to whatever you want to convey to them, they will be more inclined to try the products you recommend to them. The more you can communicate with them better are the chances that they will trust you and help you. This could be linking to your post from their blog, tweeting about your next, purchasing a product or join under you as an affiliate.

There is a small community formed between a blogger and his readers. This community plays a very important role in shaping up a blog and ultimately determines its success path. This makes the blogger responsible not only for himself but also for his readers which leads him to write better quality articles. In fact for most bloggers, readers are the source of inspiration for their new posts.

How to build a long lasting relationship with your readers?

1. Be There All The Time.
You cannot expect to build a relationship with your readers if your readers cannot interact with you directly whether online or offline. A blogger brings out his personality and his mannerisms in his blog posts. Adding a picture of yours might help in order to make them know whom they are interacting with. This will boost confidence among your readers. The way you look and dress up doesn’t matter for your readers, so do not hesitate to post your picture on your blog. All the successfully websites have the face of the author displayed at a prominent place on the blog.

2. Encourage Comments From Your Readers.
Blog is a medium of interaction between the blogger and his readers. There should always be a two way communication between a blogger and his readers. It is therefore necessary for a blogger to encourage his readers to contribute something to the blog in the form of comments. Commenting is not easy and it requires some effort and time in order to leave a comment on a post.

Readers will not only respond to the views mentioned in the post, they will add to the ideas mentioned in your post or ask questions regarding the views expressed on your blog. Every comment is a communication between a blogger and his readers and it should be encouraged on a blog.

3. Respond To Your Readers.

Respond to your readers as much as possible. It takes time and effort from a blogger to respond to his readers. But on the other had it makes you feel responsible and obligated towards you readers. A blogger must respond to each and every comment, emails and queries. This makes readers understand that the blogger is willing to make a personal relationship with his readers.
If you do this your readers are more inclined to take a good look at something which you post on your blog or Facebook status or tweet about.

4. Use Social Media Effectively.
Hook up and interact with your readers on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Thus you are becoming friends of your readers in its true meaning. Also, interacting using these platforms will make you understanding things about your readers which you would not otherwise.

Make sure that you follow back everyone who follows you on twitter and Facebook. Never let your ego come in between you and your readers.

5. Encourage Readers to provide you with details.
Encourage your readers to provide you with their details so that you can get back to them. You can use opt in form where your readers can leave their names and email for future communication. These details can then be used by a blogger to send news letters, free ebooks, polls and surveys.

Thus if you show your human side to your readers, you can expect them to help you out and help your blog popular.

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