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The most common piece of advice given to all newbie bloggers is “Comment On Other Blogs”. It is not so much a traffic building technique, but sure is a method to boost your credibility and let your blog be seen. No other method can be as effective as this if you are looking to build relationships with other bloggers in your niche.

A good 30-35 minutes spend every single day reading and interacting with other bloggers in your niche would help your blog improve a great deal. Most of you might be wondering, how can commenting on other blogs help improve your blog? It is quite simple. No blogger is perfect and constantly needs feedback from his readers in order to improve his blog. As a reader if you are ready to give your honest opinions to others, you can expect others to do the same for you. This way you can help improve other blog and others will help improve yours.

Benefits of Commenting On Other blogs:
1. Knowing other bloggers and blogs in your niche.

2. Understanding the current trending topics in your niche.

3. Showing your level of expertise on the topic.

4. Build relationships with readers from other blogs.

Visit blogs in your niche. Go through the entire blog post or a majority of it before commenting because sometimes titles can me misleading. Happened to me quite often and has left me embarrassed many times. Spend around 30 -35 minutes going through blog post and commenting on other blogs. Soon you will notice that your blog is getting good number of comments as well.

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