How To Get Good Quality Reviews

Write Good Reviews
It is not easy and as obvious as it looks and you would be shocked to know that many of the good bloggers can’t write a good review. The point to understand here is that good doesn’t always mean that you would have to be positive about the product or the service. You can be on either side and still write a review which is awfully short of being a good review. A good review is one that explains the reader the advantages and weak points of a particular product / service without being biased which would help him make his mind to either buy / use it or not use it.

Show a case study
This would work for you only if you have reviewed more than one product / service. Contact the advertiser about how the product performed after your review, then post the results. Review is more than just a SEO or backlink generator tool for the advertisers- some of them may actually make money from the review. When advertiser see real life example of the impact your reviews can make , they are more likely to buy reviews from you.

Never be afraid to reject reviews
You should only post a review that has some relation to what you write and would be beneficial for your readers. Never accept a review which is not related to your blog and which is not of any interest to your readers. It is the readers who are important for an author and no amount of money can buy you loyal audience and don’t neglect them for the sake of a few cheap dollars.

Rejecting irrelevant reviews will add more value to your blog. By maintaining the good quality of your blog, you can get several benefits like better Google ranking, getting good price from the advertisers and maintain a loyal base of audience because they trust you for being prompt and selective.

Think the value of reviews
A simple test in this could be to judge yourself by asking , “Would I pay this much for the review.” If your answer is NO. You don’t need to sell that review.

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