Monitor The Behavior Of People Visiting Your Blog

There is an old saying, ” Time Is Money”. It also holds true in the world of blogging. Most of the first time visitors arrive on a blog looking for some kind of information. If in the first 30 or so seconds their query is not answered they are more likely to leave the blog or website. It may so happen that they may never return ever again.

Thus in principle you have lost a potential reader who could have added at least one page view to your blog every single day. Thus you have lost 365 page views in a year just because of a single reader, but on a cumulative basis if you have hundred of readers leaving your blog then you have essentially lost thousands of page views yearly. This is the main reason why most blogs fail and bloggers end up quitting blogging during the first six months into blogging.

It is always said that first impression is the last impression and this rhetoric holds true in the virtual or online world as well. You need to analyze the behavior of your readers especially the first time readers if your site is having a high bounce rate(80-90%). This analysis will help you tweak your blog in order to make the majority of first time visitors stay longer on your blog. The longer these readers stay on your blog better the chances are that they will become loyal readers. There should be enough and easy subscription options made available to readers in order to help them easily bookmark your blog and come back again.

There are number of web stats providers which offer you a comprehensive and in depth analysis of your blog. I use StatCounter on my blog to track the number of visitors as well as their behavior including their origin, web browser, referring link, entry page, exit page, time spent and links clicked on each page. This tells me the pages which are receiving search engine traffic and the keywords associated with them. Also, I know which pages on my site are more popular than the others and should be highlighted in order to make the most of them.

While the above mentioned method is quite useful to analyze your blog, there is another method to do the same and one which helps you understand the psyche of your readers while they are surfing your blog. Ask a family member who is not so tech savvy and has never visited your blog before to take a look at your site.

Following are the points you need to observe while they are surfing your site.

    * What is their opinion about the template you are using for your site?

    * How easy or difficult are they finding to navigate different pages on your website?

    * Are they happy with the loading time of your site?(It is the first thing that frustrates any new visitor).

    * What are the posts that draw maximum attention and vice versa?

    * Are they inclined to click on any PPC ads displayed on your site?(Stop them if they are because you may end being banned from the program if they do it).

After they have finished surfing your site, you need to ask only one question to them which will help you determine whether All’s well with your site or not. Ask them whether after surfing your site for 5 or so minutes as a first time visitor, how inclined are they to visit your site again in the future? If the answer is in the affirmative, you have a website which can turn first time readers into loyal readers. If the answer is negative, you need to work on some elements on your site which are bothering first time readers and making them not come back again.

On an average a good website in its elementary design and content will not have a bounce rate of more than 50%. Hence, if your website has a bounce rate of more than 50% it is time to do some in depth analysis in order to improve it and increase the page views as well as traffic it receives.

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