Write A Sticky Post

Before discussing how to write a sticky post let us first understand what exactly we mean by ‘sticky content’.

Sticky content is a special type of content which is written in order to get the readers hooked to it and spend maximum time on a website. Sticky content is very important for any kind of website especially for ones which have low traffic and a high bounce rate.

It is said that more time a reader spends on a website more likely he is to subscribe to a blog and become a regular reader of the blog. Hence it is important for websites to have sticky content in order to increase its subscriber’s base and page views.

What makes you visit your favorite blog time and again? What made you subscribe to the blog at first place? Is it the reputation of the blogger or something else? How much time did you spend on that blog before deciding to subscribe to its RSS feed?The more content you put in front of the eye balls better are the chances to impress them. I am sure most of you might have spent more than 1 minute on the blog minimum before subscribing to it.

So how do you go about writing such content? It is observed that most of the readers do not like long posts unless the topic is really interesting. Readers prefer content which is presented in a systematic manner. This is the reason why most list posts are very popular among the readers. Also, readers are likely to at least go through the list presented in the post if not the entire content.

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