3 Blog Tips For Generating Traffic

Generating traffic to your blog can come from a variety of platforms. Social media, online marketing, paying for traffic, grass roots branding, and even traditional forms of media including radio, television, and newspaper. Regardless of which one you choose, here are 3 of my favorite tips for driving traffic immediately:

1.  Write a book or training manual 
That doesn’t mean you need to write a 1,000 page novel. Writing a book or training manual can be very simple.  Once published, watch your blog traffic go through the roof, along with book sales driven from your blog! They work hand in hand.

2.  Hand out BlogBiz Cards
Very few people capitalize on such a great opportunity to drive blog traffic. Don’t be a salesperson when you hand it out, rather be a helper- isn’t that would you do anyway when you blog?  Start now by handing out cool, catchy cards that say “I help people find answers for their problems, online!”  Or something along those lines that shows you are a helper and not a hard seller. Biz cards are very inexpensive and can go a long, long way.

3.  Write a news-worthy blog post
Brainstorm with a marketing guru on how you can create buzz and then write about it in a blog post. Once you get all the tweaks out, start calling local newspapers and tell them all about it. Just think: even if you get a few ‘no’s’ you are making yet another contact! Be sure to gain their permission to add them to your RSS feed or email sign up.

Try these 3 ideas and you will notice a gradual increase in your blog traffic.

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