Common Mistakes Made By Adsense Publishers

Adsense is one of the best source of income for majority of publishers. If you want to make money online using adsense, you need to avoid making these mistakes as a blogger:

1. No use of Adsense Channels.
Most of the people don’t use adsense channels to track their sites performance and development. Channels help you determine what is working for you and what isn’t. You will come to know the pages which are generating less income and need to be revamped to boost your adsense earnings.

2. Use of horizontal ad format
It has been proved in a case study by Google that the vertical ad formats bring in more click through rate(CTR). So try to use vertical ad formats on your blog or website and avoid horizontal ad formats especially the ones placed below the fold.

3. Placing the ads on the border of your page
A lot of you may tend to agree that the ads placed on the border of a web page don’t attract attention as compared to the ones placed in the middle of the page and in between the posts. The visitors are now immune to the traditional ad placements, so try something new and innovative to increase the click through rate.

4. Not testing your ads
Once you place ads on your site, you need to test them to see how targeted ads are in relation to your site’s content. You need to be particular careful of the ads as ill targeted ads would decrease your CTR and adsense earnings.

5. Applying too early
You need to have a site with alt east 10 web pages with good quality content and decent traffic in order to qualify for adsense. A lot publishers applying for adsense get rejected because they do not have any traffic to their blog. So only good content is not essential to get adsense account you need to prove to Google that you get decent traffic to your blog as well to qualify for adsense account.

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