How To Track your Adsense Earnings?

In previous posts, we have discussed how to choose a niche, build a website and then make the content of the site more dynamic by adding RSS feeds to it. Once you have your website ready and running with Google Adsense on it, next step is to track your earnings. You can make a separate channel for each block of Google Adsense template you place on your site. I wonder how many of you would have actually created a channel to track the Google Adsense earnings. Making a separate channel for each ad block you place on your site helps you determine which template is performing well and which is not.
To make things simpler, there is a tracking software available in the market that will track your clicks and help you determine the performance of each ad unit or each web page of your website. This will help you to make changes to the web pages and ad blocks that are not performing well. This software does not have the limitation of number of channels like Google Adsense where you cannot create more than 200.
However, since we are discussing about Google Adsense let us stick to tracking Google Adsense earnings by using Google Adsense channels. According to Google, you can use URL channels to track performance of your ad blocks without modifying the original Google Adsense code. You can track performance of a particular page on your site, particular ad block or entire website by specifying the URL of it.
For example if you have a site, you can create a custom Google Adsense channel by specifying the same URL ( After creating this channel, you can track the performance of your entire website. If you want to track performance of a particular web page, you can set up a channel for that particular URL e.g
Channels are very useful if you have multiple sites and want to track your earnings from different niches. These channels are very easy to set up and information provided by these channels are easy to understand.
Once you have set up URL channels to track your earnings, you can check which sites and which web pages are performing well. Drop the sites and niches that are not making you any money and start building a new site by choosing a different niche.I suggest you track the performance of a website for at least a month before deciding to keep it or scrap it and build a new website.
Therefore, I will summarize the entire process discussed till now:
1. Select a profitable niche.
2. Select a template matching your niche.
3. Make sub directory for each site if you are having multiple sites to cut hosting cost.
4. Select keywords for your site.
5. Add content to your site either by writing yourself or by hiring someone to write for you.
6. Add dynamic content to your site by making use of RSS feeds.
7. Add most profitable Google Adsense templates to your site.
8. Create Google Adsense channels to track your site’s performance.
9. Repeat the above process for new site and different niches.
Follow the above steps to track your Google Adsense earnings from different websites. How do you track your Google Adsense earnings as a blogger and publisher? Please share your experiences with us.

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