Proudly Present Yourself To Get Noticed

You as a blogger are different from others. No one can be like you. Express yourself and provide as much information about the work you have done in past. Take time to list all your achievements and milestones of significant importance. Let your readers know why they should follow your footsteps.

A good way to build relationship with your readers is to share some of your personal details with them. Thus it is very important for a blogger to have about me page on their blog. About me page helps new readers understand the background of the blogger, it helps them decide whether to stick to the blogger and the blog or not.

Would you buy a product immediately after reading its review? No. You will try to find out the background of the person who has reviewed the product. It the person has good credentials and trustworthy only then will you go ahead to purchase the product. Similarly, a good about me page serves as a medium to solve queries and calm curiosity among the readers.

What is the information that you can include in about me page?

1. Your Background.

2. Your credentials and achievements.

3. Your accomplishments.

4. Personal likes and dislikes.

5. Reputed clients you have had a chance to work with.

6. Your future goals and ideas on how to achieve them.

How to write a good about me page?
A good about me page includes at least one photograph of the blogger. It must include details about your blog and its contribution to the readers in general. You must include your past experiences in the niche and why you have chosen a niche to blog about. Reader’s should be able to contact you easily in case of any doubts or difficulties. You must encourage your readers to subscribe to your blog by offering some incentives.

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