Take Some Time Off From Blogging

Blogging is all about observations in real world and conclusions drawn from them. It is becoming common that we are spending most of our time in virtual world as compared to real world. As we are social animals it is necessary that we come out of virtual world fantasies and spend most of our time in real world.

Go to your favorite hangout spot with or without your friends. Observe your surroundings which includes the people around around you as well as the manner in which things are arranged. Make a note of what are things that you like about the spot and what are the things that didn’t impress you at all. Ask yourself the main reason why you like this spot as your favorite spot. Also, you may ask yourself what is the main reason which may force you to stay away from this spot.

After you come out of the spot and return to your home ask yourself the following questions:

1. What was the overall behavior of the people?

2. How long did they stay there?

3. How comfortable were they?

4. How co-operative was the staff present there?

5. How many people according to you may want to come back again?

6. How many of the people would never comeback ever again?

7. What was the age group of the visitors?

8. What is the primary stuff that customers purchased if it is a store?

9. How convenient is the store to reach from where you are located?

10 What is your overall rating for the place?

Most common problem faced by bloggers is a writers block and the most and the easiest way to come out of it is to take some time out of blogging. You can relax your mind and body as well as start afresh. It is always advised to visit outdoors in case of a mental block and closely observe your surroundings in order to get ideas for your new post.

Every day in life you can learn a new lesson which can make you a better person and most of these lessons can be applied to blogging as well in order to improve your blog. Successful bloggers are the ones that are open minded and use real life experiences for illustration on their blog.

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