Build A Top Blog And Increase Subscribers Part II

Continuing from our previous post “How To Build A Top Blog And Increase Subscribers? Part I“, let us look at the strategies to be a top blogger in your niche.

1. Benefits of guest blogging

  • Guest blogging helps you get a back link from the site that publishes your guest post. Back links are very important if you want to increase your domain authority and get on top of search engine rankings.
  • Guest blogging can help you to get traffic to your blog. If you write a guest post that is noteworthy, people would like to know more about you and visit your blog if you had included a link to your blog in the guest post.
  • Writing guest posts on a regular basis on top blogs will give you exposure and become an established blogger in your niche. You can build a brand name for yourself through guest posting.

2. Benefits of posting great content

  • Great content sells by itself. If you are able to deliver as per promise to your readers, they will appreciate and stick with you for a long time.
  • Great content coupled with excellent updates on social media websites helps you to get maximum exposure to your content. This means more traffic from twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • It is easy to get other people to link to your content if they find it useful. Producing great content is not an easy task and hence it is better to link to the content as compared to producing it by yourself.

3. Benefits of connecting with top bloggers

  • If you can connect with top bloggers, you can get good assignments. Almost all top bloggers have job boards and it becomes easy to land one of the job assignments if you are in good terms with them.
  • You can build back links to your blog. Some of the top blogs have dofollow attributes turned on for comments. This means every time you comment on their website, you will get a back link to your website. Every top blog has comment moderation turned on and if they know you, it is easier to comment and get a back link.
  • You can get more fans and followers. Once you establish connections with top bloggers, they are likely to share your updates with their followers. Recommendations by an established authority works to create positivity about you and your brand.
  • You can easily get top bloggers to sell your product through affiliate marketing if you already know them. This will increase the likelihood of getting more sales because an authority is endorsing your product.

4. Benefits of using SEO on your blog

  • Effective SEO will help you boost search engine rankings for the targeted keywords. This helps in getting targeted traffic from search engines.
  • Getting targeted traffic to your blog can help you sell your product easily. The visitor has arrived at your site after searching for the product that you are selling on your website. Thus making him buy your product is not a difficult task.
  • You can get more subscribers if they find your blog useful. Growing number of subscribers helps you to become a renowned blogger in your niche.

If you follow these four strategies, you can grow your blog quickly. What are the strategies used by you for growing your blog? Please share your thoughts and experiences in comments.

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