How To Choose The Right Colour And Template For Your Blog?

Website Templates help you create a website and gives your web page an attractive and professional look. Templates come in handy when you do not have any design skills, money or time.

There are many ready-made templates available free but choosing the right one will help you promote it better and make it popular. Images add a value to your website, but having too many of them will increase its download time and annoy the visitors. So choose a template that balances the both.

When you pick a template, you must test it using different browsers to see all the features display correctly. Also, check that the HTML code is free of errors as search engines may not index your site if the template you choose has errors. Choose the layout and colors that match your site’s content.

Make sure the template you choose does not use too many tables, as search engine would find it difficult to index your page because of inaccessible content. Use templates that incorporate CSS formatting to have minimum font tags and other deprecated HTML elements.


Steps to be Followed While Choosing a Web Template

1. What is the content of your blog?

Does your site mostly consist of Text or displays a catalogue of products images. You need to blend the template you choose with the theme of your website. Web design templates must meet the basic theme and style of your website.

2. What is the best layout for you?

Layout determines the structure of information on your website. The key to this is to use a template that best fits your requirement without forcing you to make too many changes to its layout. Try an incorporate a navigation bar at the top of the page.

3. How to Choose Colors?

Use natural colors that are very pleasing to eyes as compared to the artificial ones. Artificial colors cause eye fatigue and annoy readers. Choose strong contrasting colors between the background and text. Choose a maximum of three primary colors to make use of throughout your website; this will help reader to concentrate on the text more as he does not have to adjust to the frequent color changes in your website. Make sure you take visual disabilities of people into account while deciding colors.

Common colors and what they represent

1. Red-Energy, danger, passion, power, aggressiveness

2. Blue- cool, freedom, loyalty and sometimes sadness or depression

3. Yellow- light, optimism, joy

4. Green-Life, nature, health, prosperity

5. Orange-Playfulness, courage, warmth, energy.

6. Violet-wisdom, celebration

7. White-peace, purity, youth

8. Black-sorrow, hated, mystery

9. Brown-comfort, compatibility, stability

Therefore, my advice to everyone is to choose a template which best fits your requirement, one that has minimum graphics yet looks professional and choose colors for your site that best describes the main theme of your website.

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