How To Do Link Baiting?

Since not many of us are still aware about the concept of link baiting, I will like to discuss this topic in detail. Link baiting is somewhat similar to fishing, which essentially implies that if you want to catch a fish you need to bait. In reference to your website, other website or blogs are fish and your blog’s content is the bait. Bait is content specifically written to get websites that can offer your site good exposure to link to you. You can play around with any old content that you have or you can generate new content specifically to get other websites to link to your post. Let us see techniques you can apply to bait some links.

1. Ask for a Review at Forums: The most common technique used at forums. You post the link to your site saying that you are a newbie and ask fellow members to review your site and provide some help and feedback on how to improve it. While some of them are genuine, I would say from my personal experience that 99% of them are nothing but link baits. Majority of times, baiters would knowingly make their site look awful and wait for the recommendations from others. Then he follows up the advice or recommendations given and makes another post asking, “How is my site looking now?” That is two back links for not much of effort. Therefore, my suggestion to all of you reading this post is use your judgmental power when next time you come across a review request at a forum.

2. Write Nice Reviews (or a post) for the site you wish to bait.Another great way to get a link from another site is to write something nice about that site. Site owners are like ordinary people and they like pampering with good reviews. If you write a good review for a site, they will link to your post. To get maximum links try to write a post about a social networking site and post it on that site. There are high chances that readers from that site and even the site’s webmaster would link back to your post.
3. Try interviewing a site owner: It is one of the fantastic link bait techniques to catch a big fish. Try to get an interview of a site owner and publish it on your blog, chances are that the interviewee will link to your post if your review is really well written. There are some sites having a high page rank and good share of traffic only by conducting interviews. If you interview a website owner, chances are that your interview excerpts will hit the front page of the website.
4. Try a Tech Show Photo Trick: During any technical Fest or Show there are many webmasters taking pictures with hot babes and other webmasters. It is one of the few times where site owners can pose with a real girl. These pictures once published by webmasters on their website circulate through messages to other webmasters whose pictures (posing with girls) they have posted on their site. These webmasters immediately link to the site to show off their readers how big stud they are.

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