How To Optimize Your Site For Google Adsense?

Many SEO experts believe that a content that is not to the point and appropriate ends up in supplemental index. This is certainly true especially in case you have a WordPress blog and it may be the case while dealing with duplicate contentissues. If you are making a post using any of the default WordPress themes that are availableto you, there are five different URLs that point to your blog post. You get the same content when you use Category, Calendar, Author, Monthly and Page Archives.

Reducing the number of cached pages in the supplemental index of your site definitely will give a positive feedback to your site from Google. The less supplemental pages you have, more traffic you can expect from Google search engine. The easy way to achieve this by telling Google bot what it can and what it cannot index. You can achieve this using your robots.txt file.

Easiest way to add Google AdSense to your blog.

The most frequently asked question by all the bloggers is “What Web host do I use for hosting my blog”. Well you can do a market research and find out which one is reliable and affordable for you. The next most asked question by all the bloggers is “How Do I set up AdSense on my blog?”

It is one of the most frequently asked question because of the limitations imposed by Google on the number of Ad blocks that can be displayed on a single page. Anyone that has been using AdSense would know that you are allowed up to3 Text link blocks and 3 content blocks on a page. Therefore, you might see Google ads between first and second post and no ads between the rest of the posts that may break the flow and design of the page. However, when you click on any of these posts in line Google ads appear on these posts because for reading a single post you are taken to a new page and that page as discussed earlier can have three blocks of text links and 3 blocks of content/image ads.

AdSense Deluxe.

The AdSenseDeluxe WordPressPlugincan control the ads that your readers will see on your blog. This Plug incan also be used for Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) , is very easy to install and use. All you need to do is download the zip file, unzip it and upload it to your Plug ins folder. The Plug inwill place the AdSenseDeluxe Screen to your WordPress options panel control.

From there you can control, create and display multiple AdSense units and decide which portion of your blog to display these ads on.

You can easily integrate WordPress and AdSenseDeluxe by editing index.php file of the theme template.
Just add !-adsense#468- to make Google AdSense468 x 90 template show up on top of every page.

For Google ads to display inside a post you can insert !-adsense- at the position where you want these ads to appear.
In order to align the ads to the right and force the text/content to wrap around the ads, you may use the following command.

div style=”float”: right; margin: 5px;

If you wish to align your ad to the left just change to left instead of right in the above code.

The Plug inhelps keeptrack of the no of Ads running on a page and limit it to three. That is why you may not see an inlinead between some of the blog posts. One important and good feature of AdSenseDeluxe is to globally disable or enable these ads.

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