Introduction to Traffic Exchanges-Part I

Traffic is the heart and soul of any website. Whatever be the purpose of your website, without traffic you cannot achieve it.

Traffic Exchanges allow users to receive traffic to their site without paying for the expensive PPCadvertising and without using any SEO techniques whatsoever. In this series of posts, we will discuss how to get the most out of traffic exchanges, and it is very easier than most of us think.The traffic that most of the Traffic exchanges generate is not targeted. This no way means that the traffic is not valuable, but it is important to note that TE are not Gold mines.

In order to be effective, Traffic Exchanges need systematic approach and you should consider them as a part of Traffic building Techniques to your site.
What is a Traffic Exchange?
The Principle of operation is very simple to understand: You visit someone Else’s site and in turn, someone else will visit your site.

Traffic Exchanges use a script and a control panel for the purpose that also ensures that users do not cheat. All the Traffic Exchanges have their own unique theme and control panel layout but the principle of operation of each of them is generally the same.

Majority of Traffic Exchanges are free to join, with the exception of some that require you to pay to get a membership. Once you have opened your account in a Traffic exchange, it is very easy to set up the details of your website and start getting hits to your website.

Getting Started.
Once you have completed the registration at any traffic exchange and entered your website URL you have to test your website to make sure that it does not break any rules. While rules are different for different Traffic Exchanges, the most common are

1. Maximum One Pop Up window 
2. No frame Breakers 
3. No Fly In Ads (ads that requiresyou to shut down the window in order to leave the website)
You are set to go, all you need to surf few member sites to activate your account and start receiving traffic to your site.
How to promote your site using Traffic Exchanges?
If you have been using Traffic Exchanges you must have felt bored after surfing few of the member sites. It is perfectly normal and generally the case with most of the surfers. The problem arises because the pages people are choosing to promote are mostly inappropriate.

This thing will work in your favor. As long as majority of pages promoted on a Traffic Exchange are inappropriate or wrong, it makes your job of getting your site highlighted among the crowd that much easier.

So how are you going to promote your website?
It is not a good idea to promote a page that is directly selling a product or service to the surfer. The surfer is concentrating on earning credits and not buying any product. He would not be surfing on a Traffic Exchange if he had enough money to advertise his site using PPC advertising. So it best to lure the surfer with a freebie, or an intriguing question.

Your goal should be to get the surfer to submit his email address or click a link. Thus, you can build your mailing list or generate leads. For this you must avoid using the standard splash pages, customize, and design a splash page yourself.

Most of the time, if you observe carefully pages that attract your attention are the ones that have a wackyHeadline or eye-catching images. Your page must contain one or both of these elements. A little bit of clip-art can help your page to stand out from other sites on the Traffic Exchange, so consider using little bit of it as well. For achieving higher success rate, keep the rest of your page and call to action as simple as possible.

So my suggestion on the using Traffic exchange to promote your website. Use Traffic Exchange as one of the options to promote your site instead of using it as the only option to promote your site. Make your campaign as Wacky and eye catching as possible. Use Traffic Exchange as a medium to promote your products rather than promoting any affiliate programs, this will help you in the end.

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