Evolution Of Communication With Technology

The advancement in technology in the last decade has brought the world closer. Earlier, the options for exchanging information was limited. In addition, the process was slow and expensive. STD calls were expensive, sending documents through speed posts and courier were time consuming. Direct form of communication was the most popular form of communication during that time. Now we have endless resources to communicate with other person. We can connect to other person staying anywhere in the world instantly through chat and video conferencing. Some of the advantages of using technology advancements in communication include:

1: Speed of communication has increased and costs have reduced

There are many MNC companies having offices in different countries of the world. There could be a case where people from different countries are working on a particular project. They can connect to other members of the team through forums, emails, instant messengers, etc. In addition, unnecessary travel costs and time is saved by holding video conferencing meet ups with potential customers which serves the same purpose.

2: Information access is now easier

You can get any kind of information at the click of the mouse. The amount of information generated now is much than what it was a decade ago. There is huge amount of data available on any topic and no one can say now that he is a master in any topic. Hence, it is necessary to separate to useful information from the not so important one. Organisation that are successful use tools to manage relevant information like spreadsheets and Microsoft office tools.

3: Less loss of information

The information transfer is more secure now. Sensitive information is safe, secure using several layers of encryption at the sender end. Same decoding techniques used at the receiver end keep the information safe. The addition or deletion of information is reduced in the transmission lines unlike earlier due to advancement in transmission techniques.

4: Wireless communications

Wireless communications has advanced greatly in this era. Any file can be transferred using wireless technology to another device using Bluetooth technology. Walkie-talkies are used more and more now in cases where mobile network may not be available but two persons need to check the functionality of system having different components located at far away distances. Traditional pen and paper method is quickly getting replaced by app like Evenrnote and Trello.

5: Cloud Computing

Could computing is the next level of networking. The hardware requirements have reduced drastically as data can be stored on virtual drives which can be accessed by users with a valid access credentials from anywhere in the world. Many organizations are using cloud computing to prevent data loss because of crashes and reduce downtime because of network failure.

Technology has affected business communication significantly. The two most important communication tools that I use for communication at my workplace and their impact on my work is as follows

1: Skype for Business

Skype for business lets you connect with co-workers of your company situated anywhere in the world. It is much more than just an instant messenger is. It is used for IM, voice or video calls. You can check if someone is online, busy in a meeting or off work. You can hold an online meeting with up to 250 participants. I am a site engineer (hardware) by profession. There are several cases where I am performing a task and need to troubleshoot / fix something to progress further. I have made a few friends in the company during my training period and working at other sites. In case of any difficulty, I check if any of my contacts are online and try to IM them. This is the easiest way to get quick solution instead of sending mail to a group and waiting for their response. In addition, sometimes it becomes necessary to have a video conferencing call with colleagues of different departments in order to resolve an issue. Skype for business helps in this case. Thus, overall it is a very handy tool and helps me in my day-to-day work to improve my efficiency and save time.

2: Yammer

Yammer is a social networking tool for workplace. It is similar to Facebook except that its use is restricted to employees within the same company. Yammer helps colleagues within the same company to be informal and get social without worrying too much. I use Yammer in my team and it has helped us in many ways. We use our Yammer group to share news about our site progress, best practices to follow and to get feedback from others. Asking questions on Yammer has taken email out and has created a knowledge base that is not restricted to our team but it is available for the entire company. People can direct more questions to an individual by tagging them in the question in a similar way like Twitter. Thus, the individual responsible for action is notified immediately and has to respond within a certain time frame. Instead of replying to an email, people can show their agreement to a certain comment made by either liking. This saves time and one is not burdened by having to read too many emails for a cause. We post any interesting quotes that we come across so that it helps people brighten their day. Thus, it is a very interesting and powerful tool if used intelligently and carefully.

Technology has improved business communication significantly and made communications faster. On the other hand, it has also led to distractions at the workplace. Constantly ringing cell phones, excessive emails or chats has taken the focus out of work.

Having the right tools will help you become more effective as a business, stay organized and keep the business competitive in your field. These tools will help you improve efficiency, knowledge sharing, elevating the mood and improve the efficiency of the team at the workplace.


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  1. I think this is a great article, it definitely rings true for my workplace. I often use “Skype for Business” and “Yammer” for communicating with colleagues within my workplace. Although these tools are designed to make learning and communication easier, more efficient and your Business more competitive, I wonder if sometimes these tools add to everyday “work life” stresses. Its difficult to concentrate when you are on the phone speaking and your IM is constantly flashing, and your emails keep coming in. As a general rule these tools help make Businesses more efficient and competitive, and it is definitely saves time and money.

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