How Popular Are You?

Almost everyone who writes a blog wants it to be popular. And lots of bloggers become obsessed with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and fill their posts full of mindless keywords hoping to improve their Google ranking, etc.

I actually have one client who checks her followers on each of the popular services like Twitter, Pinterest and Google several times a day. She is so enthusiastic about it that I barely had the heart to tell her that much energy researching, writing and posting would probably do more to improve her rankings than anything else would.

In addition, what is all the fuss about being a top blogger? Guess what, you do not need to be in the Twitter Top 100 to be important, helpful or influential. All you really need is an audience of one. One person who is your target audience, and who really needs to hear what you have to say.

If you reach that one person at the right time, it can lead to success in many ways.

If you measure success by money, that one person could become a long-standing, profitable client.

If you measure success by making a difference, the help you provide that one person could positively influence their life in ways you will never know.

If you measure success by just sharing what you know because it makes you feel good, then the happiness you get from doing what you love is payment enough.

The point of my post today is not to get all wrapped up in how many people link to your blog. Especially when it is new. Face it, there are 75,000 new blogs created every day. You and your blog may not become internationally famous overnight. However, if you find that one person who needs you, who can be inspired or helped by you and what you have to say, you will be famous to them.

11 thoughts on “How Popular Are You?”

  1. This is such an amazing post! I agree 100% that success and popularity is based on your goals and not necessarily your followers. I try not to check that too much on my blog, I don’t want to obsess and I really like my blog for what it is and what I’m writing about

  2. Your blog success is based on the number of people you touch and not the pageview.
    When your blog becomes popular you will discover that high number of repeated audience.

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