4 Ways To Increase Blog Traffic

Every blogger wants more traffic. In addition, we are all constantly looking for ways to build new traffic. Here is one that I use. In fact, I am using it now.

Tip #1: Write a series

I suggest that you start (and keep up with) a series. It can be daily, weekly or monthly. It can be about any topic that is relevant for your blog. If you are an insurance sales representative, you might spend one day a month explaining trusts. If you are a doctor, you might spend a week just blogging about cancer. You get the idea.

Now here is the kicker. Make sure the series is interlinked. In other words, link each part of the series to the other. If you hook your audience, they will visit all the pages in the series, driving up your page views (that is traffic) and getting the audience to read something IN ADDITION TO the front page.

Tip #2: Submit your blog to blog search engines

Of course you should submit your blog’s URL to regular search engines, but there are special blog directories and search engines that you will also want to be listed in.

Listing your blog in specialized search engines will drive up your traffic and your audience.

Tip #3: Submit to regular search engines

First things first, is how the saying goes and the first thing you should do with any new blog is make sure that Google knows about it. Google has become the dominant search engine on the web. People tend to go to Google to find the information they need. However, they will not find your blog listed there unless you tell Google you exist. In addition, it is easy to do.

To submit a URL to the Google index, either submit a sitemap or use the Fetch as Google tool. Follow the directions, sit back, and wait for the traffic to start flowing. Once you are listed on Google, people will eventually find you.

You should approach other mainstream search engines to index your blog.

Tip #4: Issue a news release announcing your blog

Once you have a few posts under your belt and you have worked out any technical or design issues, you should issue your first news release.

A news release is just an announcement that tells the world about your blog. Newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations and even new media rely on news releases to find out what is happening that is newsworthy.

Writing a news release is as simple as deciding on what is news, who is involved, why it matters, who is impacted, how the information can be used and how or where to contact those involved.

A news distribution company will distribute your news release to a wire service for a little amount. This could get you national exposure and at least will put you on the radar of journalists covering your industry.

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