Basic Rules For Business Bloggers

While I often mention technology or cool marketing tips here, I also want to make sure I sprinkle in some tricks that relate more to content and approach than blogging platform and tags.

This is one such post. This particular post aims at business bloggers but anyone can benefit from these rules.

1) Be absolutely honest and genuine. The Internet is full of people who have BS detectors. Tell the truth on your blog. Especially if you are responding to criticism of your business. It is always going to come out anyway so you be the one to tell it and avoid the drama.

2) Ask for feedback and pay attention to it. I am not advocating accepting comments. There are times when that is appropriate but I do not often allow them myself so I prefer other feedback methods. In my podcasts, I broadcast a toll – free 800 number that people can call if they have a comment. I also often publish my e-mail address and ask for opinions. This sort of request for feedback is usually all it takes to engage your audience. In addition, when you do it, be prepared to respond to their comments.

3) Passion wins. If you believe in what you are saying, chances are your audience will believe it too. In addition, the inverse is true. Do not allow someone to blog on behalf of your business if you have hired him or her as a helper.  Make sure they believe in, understand and can passionately articulate your mission.

4) Treat everyone (even your competition) with respect. I have learned the hard way what happens when you forget this rule. I now go out of my way to show respect, especially to enemies and competitors. It is easier than fighting all the time and it is more professional to boot. I would go so far as to say it is a good idea to give props to your competition when they deserve it. It is what the new Internet culture expects of you. Anything less will disappoint your audience.

5) Consider using blogrolls. Blogrolls are links to other blogs that you enjoy or think that your audience will enjoy. It increases your visibility, causes your audience to understand your thinking and shows respect to others.

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