Blogging Your Own Way And 3 Important SEO Tips

There are many “blogging experts” out there. You know the people who will tell you that you HAVE to accept comments that you HAVE to use strike-through characters if you make a change to your blog, etc.

The advice of the pundits may be done with good intentions but it is not necessarily accurate. While there are some universal truths about blogging, including the blogger’s need to provide good content on a regular basis without ripping someone else off in the process, almost everything else is up for grabs.

If you want to blog, blog your own way. Here is how you should blog:

1) Write what works
2) Start easy
3) Start small
4) Keep at it on a regular basis
5) Do not lie, cheat or steal in the process
6) Blog about what you love
7) Be interesting

That’s it. You have no other obligations. Do not let the pundits get you down. Do what works for you and serve your audience. They matter. The pundits do not.

You want search engines to be able to find you and you want to score well in the search engine rankings. How do you do that? There is no magic pill. However, you can engage in some best practices that improve your odds. Make sure to follow these three important rules for search engine optimization (SEO) of your blog.

1) Stay focused

Getting off topic will hurt your SEO efforts. Search engines will index you higher if you are a constant source of information and inbound links relative to one topic.

2) Keep it short

Overly long posts are not attractive to search engines. Short, highly topical posts attract search engine spiders and, no surprise, more humans as well.

3) Titles matter

Take the title of this post for instance. It is plain and descriptive. That is what you want from a title. If you get cute with your titles, chances are the search engine will not know you are being cute and will not rank your page as highly as a result. Use any important keywords in your title that you can to improve SEO.


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