How To Promote Your Blog?

If you want people to find your new blog, there are some things you can do from the start that will increase your chances of success.

1) Write with keywords in mind. There are many sites that offer a free keyword suggestion tool that can help you with this process.

2) Use the name of your blog in your own posts and post titles as much as possible.

3) Make it easy for your blog readers to subscribe and include RSS feed subscription buttons or “chicklets” in your side bar.

4) Submit your blog to RSS and Blog directories. Also, submit the blog to regular directories that have categories for blogs.

5) Ping the major RSS feed and Blog search engines each time you post. It is easy to achieve it with blog software or if you are using, then you can do this manually with available services. USE ONLY ONE PING SERVICE! Otherwise, your blog is at risk of blacklisting by search engines.

6) Trackbacks – Be sure your blog software is configured to send a trackback ping to blogs that you cite within your posts. Pay attention to press releases distributed by distribution services like PRweb. If you cite a release, and ping the trackback link, the press release will in turn link to your blog. This is better for driving traffic than for link popularity.

7) Comment on other blogs. Your name will be linked to the blog url that you enter. Do NOT make off-topic comments and DO NOT use keywords in the field for your name; use your name or blog name.

8) If you want lots of traffic on your blog, pay attention to the words you use. They matter. Content matters. Information matters. In fact, the more valuable content your blog offers, the more readers you will attract. No amount of search engine or RSS trickery will replace good writing.

Most professional communicators will tell you everything starts with the audience. So be sure you know whom you are writing for. Serve their interests, not your interests.

Give generously of yourself. Do not hold back. Gurus who do not share do not get love in return. Be human and humane. Identify with the individual who reads your words, not the masses.

Ask yourself if the information you provide while blogging is deep enough, insightful enough, and valuable enough.

Write tight sentences. Use proper grammar. Pick a style and stick with it.

If you offer new, insightful, pithy, valuable information on your blog, your readers will love you, promote you, and help you gain success.

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