What Are Blogs Used For?

How do schools, businesses, non-profits, clubs and other organizations use blogs? Many ways. Moreover, if you want to develop your blog so that it is useful, look at what other bloggers are doing. That is not new advice here. I have talked about it before. However, in this post, I want to make some specific observations about blog use.

First, it is important to note that blogs are not always the best tool for the job. Blogs are not the best way to present an artist’s portfolio or for teachers to give tests. Politicians learned that blogs can help raise money but not drive votes.

So ask yourself is there is a better tool for what you want to accomplish and if so, use it.

Now what are blogs good for?

1) Starting conversations.

2) Engaging an audience in a two-way conversation (as long as it does not have to be real-time)

3) Alternative publishing sources.

4) Raising money or awareness.

5) Answering critics.

6) Announcing products.

7) Establish expertise.

8) To supplement other communications methods.

9) Team building.

10) Tech or customer support.

These are just some of the ways in which people use blogs. How about you? Do you have an interesting or unique way to use a blog?

2 thoughts on “What Are Blogs Used For?”

  1. Great post!! I use my blog for entertainment. I use the old newspaper style, travel, health, gardening, lifestyle, and even local news. At first, I wasn’t sure everyone talked about you must have a specific niche but it has been fun, and I love how you are supporting others to find a new way to blog!! Thank you for such a great blog!

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