Why Should Anyone Visit Your Blog?

Why should anyone visit your blog?

One answer to that question is YOU. You are the reason. People are hard up for reality in their lives. They want to know the real you. They want to see what real people say and do. They want to know what real people think. They are not going to find it on TV or the radio or at the magazine rack. Heck, there is even a trend with magazines to air brush the pretty girls on the covers to the point that they look like cartoon characters.

People do not trust marketing. They barely trust what they see on the evening news. They do not trust their politicians.

So where do they look?

Some have turned to “reality TV.” Shows like American Idol and Survivor are top-rated shows on television because they supposedly deal in “reality.”

So if you want to attract readers, give them the real you. Do not spend all your time quoting someone else. Do not just vomit back at the audience everything you learned in school. Instead, think about how your subject affects you personally. Think about how your subject affects your audience personally.

Then write. Write from the heart. Tell the audience what YOU think. Do not tell them what you think they want to hear.

Blogs are successful because in part, they are one of the last places that real people can connect and share their feelings, their thoughts and their beliefs.

Keep that in mind as you write and you will feel empowered to share more of yourself with your readers. In turn, they will share more of themselves with you.

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  1. Excellent tips! I have a lifestyle blog and I refuse to conform to one niche. In my eyes, that is being the real me. Maybe I needed to hear that since I made this decision today so Thank you!

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