Website URL Blocked By Facebook? Learn How To Unblock Any URL – Free

Why Website URL Is Banned from Facebook?

Facebook thinks about its clients and, therefore, has extremely strict standards about what is permitted on Facebook and what isn’t. Shockingly, a portion of those guidelines are not really written anywhere, and common users cannot access them. There are a few reasons why an individual or website may be banned. However, the most widely recognized is if a user does same activity “too often.” The occasions an activity can be done is not known yet doing it more than that number will have your account marked as spam. Activities that can’t be performed too often include sending friends requests to many unknown people at once. Also, informing individuals, joining too many groups at once, and sending an excessive number of similar comments or links can cause an account to be suspended temporarily. The most widely recognized reason why a website URL may be banned is that it was posted too often in a limited time by the same person.

Another reason why Facebook may block a URL is if it on a list from another website, for example, a security organization. These organizations can have issues with their watch lists, much the same as Facebook can.

For what reason is it Imperative to Not Be Blocked?

It is necessary to guarantee that a URL for a business isn’t blocked because, should clients visit a link that is marked “possibly malicious,” they are significantly less prone to really proceed to the site and will doubt the organization. This will result in a smaller audience, a significantly decreased web traffic, and reduced income. Subsequently, being blocked from Facebook is an issue that should be addressed to as quickly as time permits.

What to avoid when trying to unblock your URL on Facebook?

There are number of suggestions that will come up if you search for this problem on Facebook. The most common being

  1. First off, you’ll need to visit the Facebook for developers’ site via; Sharing Debugger – Facebook for Developers?
  2. Now, enter your blocked URL in the space provided and click on the debug button to ascertain what is wrong with your URL
  3. Next, if a message like this one: “We can’t review this website because the content doesn’t meet our Community Standards. If you think this is a mistake, please let us know.” comes up, click on the “let us know link” so you can be taken to where you can write to the Facebook engineers.
  4. Once the page opens, explain what happened to your URL in the box. Make sure you include some part of the URL in the write-up. Make it detailed and once you’re done, click on the submit button and your issue will be subject to review by the Facebook team. Once an action is taken, you’ll be notified of the latest development on your URL via the Facebook support inbox.

Some members will suggest that you purchase Facebook ads and set up an ad campaign with smallest possible budget like $1 for example. This will get the Facebook Ads team to manually review your URL and get it unblocked. However, it is not true. You cannot enter the URL for review to the Facebook Ads team unless it is unblocked on Facebook.

How To Fix This Issue Of Blocked URL on Facebook for Free?

1. Post the URL on your Facebook homepage, if the link is blocked you should see the following message:

Click on the link let us know in the message. Enter the details and ask for review.

2. Check if your request has been submitted successfully.

Once you submit your request using this method, your link will be reviewed by the Facebook bot and within 48 hours your link should be unblocked for free.

3. You should see the status updated in your Facebook support inbox

This is the only genuine method so far that has worked for me and I have unblocked couple of my sites using the method mentioned above. Hope you will find it useful.

2 thoughts on “Website URL Blocked By Facebook? Learn How To Unblock Any URL – Free”

  1. I did this many times and it didn’t help me glad I find the Facebook Business page and that’s where I get someone to forward my message to the team that works on this matter.

  2. I have tried all the means possible in vain for 14 months now… In fact, the Facebook Business Support no longer has an email or Livechat button.

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