Do’s And Dont’s Of Blogging

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The #1 method to make money online is by blogging. In order to be successful one has to deliver meaningful and truthful content to others. Building authority, value and impact on the readers requires lot of patience.

With that being said you need to keep the following things in mind while creating a blog or website:

1. Define your niche – There might be some topic of interest where you would be having great deal of knowledge. It is not required that you have to be an expert on that topic but it is something which you would love to write about day in and day out.

2. Add value for the readers – Adding useful information for the audience will create an impact on the readers and which in turn would increase their faith on you. Think what extra value your readers will get while visiting your blog. Remember there are millions of websites giving information on the same topic as yours. What makes you and your blog stand out from others? Without readers and followers it is impossible to achieve any success online.

3. Don’t compromise – Never compromise on your ideas and thoughts for a quick buck. Although it is easy to make money at that moment but it has negative impact on your online presence in the long run. Do not write articles on topic irrelevant to your niche. Never discuss any news without having information or proof regarding genuineness of the same. Do not place ads until there are sufficient page impressions generated per day. Remember it takes days and months to build trust among the readers but a single provocative post can destroy it altogether.

Think about the long term goals and activities. What may seem difficult in the beginning will become easier after a period of time. Never give up on your goals and keep pushing towards them.
In our next post we will discuss about legitimate ways to make money online including blogging and other activities.

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