Educate A Girl, Save The World

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Education is a fundamental right for everyone. It is sad that girls are still being discriminated and discouraged from going to school. According to a recent study by UN there are about 90 million girls in India who cannot read and write.  A country cannot progress if majority of its population is illiterate.

There are several reasons given for why girls cannot to attend school in this country. Following are some of the reasons:
  • She will not become a good homemaker and will focus on work instead of her household chores.
  • She will be not be obeying other people in the house once financially independent.
  • She will mix around too much with boys around her.
  • She will marry someone and leave the house, so no point in educating a girl.

The benefits of educating a girl child far more outweighs the above reasons to disallow them education:
  • Educate a man and you educate an individual, educate a girl child and you educate the whole family.
  • 49% of the total population in India comprises of women. If women are illiterate, they cannot help in forming the right government to rule the country.
  • Educated women can support their family financially.
  • If a woman is educated, it will help prevent reduce infant mortality.
  • If a girl is educated, she is less likely to suffer from domestic violence.
  • If a girl is educated, she will promote girl education.
  • If a girl is educated, she will help in family planning.
Through my 1 Million followers Challenge, I am planning to make people aware regarding girl education. In addition, I am planning to support as many girls as possible and to give them fundamental right of education. I need your sincere support to make it a reality, because only as an individual I cannot bring about change in the society. All the funds raised from this campaign will be used for educating girls that need our support. Being able to help a noble cause will give you tremendous satisfaction.
Please support #1MFollowersChallenge and #GirlsNeedEducation. Thank you.

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