How To Build A Top Blog And Increase Subscribers? Part I

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Building a blog and growing your subscriber base is not an easy task. Most of the information available on the internet is either outdated or does not give you full value for the time spent on blogging and other activities.

Let us see key points one needs to remember as a blogger in order to build a popular blog. What works well for others may not work well for you. You need to experiment and find out the best methods you can employ to grow your blog. All the successful bloggers have faced failures in the past. They have achieved success by learning from their mistakes and not repeating them again.

 In the world of blogging, there are not definite rules that can make you a successful blogger. All the top blogs in any niche have different style of writings and presentation. Only thing in common is that there is a community of bloggers to maintain these blogs as opposed to a single blogger for personal blogs.

Let us look at myths of blogging for growth:

1.     Commenting on other blogs.
2.     Becoming a fan of all the bloggers in your niche.
3.     Posting updates on social networking websites.
4.     Submitting articles on article marketing websites.

While above mentioned methods are good to help you get a handful of visitors to your blog and good short-term traffic strategy, you need to focus on long term goals of growing your blog readership.

If you want to become a top blogger in your niche, you need to focus on the following strategies:

1.     Connecting with top bloggers in your niche.
2.     Posting great content on your website.
3.     Link building by guest blogging exchange.
4.     Using efficient SEO techniques to get search engine traffic to your blog.

Once you narrow down your strategy to a small list like above it becomes easy to manage and implement it.

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