How To Choose A Topic To Blog About?

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A blog topic depends on the region of expertise. The best approach is probably just to write about things that interest you, since if you do not enjoy writing then it makes no sense to start a blog. 

Here are some ideas for things that you might discuss in a blog post:
  • Any interesting people, places or events that you have encountered recently
  • Stories in the news, perhaps which have some broad relevance to you or your city
  • Trips you have made to archives or museums recently
  • Any problems or issues that you have encountered at work
    • Interesting sources or images that you have found in newspaper or magazines
    • Any other ideas that you may want to share for other’s benefit

    Blog posts do not have to be long – sometimes just 200 to 300 words are enough. This is one of their great strengths, since they allow you to write about small topics, such as individual people or sources. By keeping your blog posts short, your blog can function more like a magazine than a book – readers can easily tread several articles in one sitting.

    Try to illustrate your posts with pictures as far as possible. Sometimes a picture will speak for itself and therefore does not need much to write about. If you can use your own images, its more better, as this will be more popular because of its uniqueness. Remember that you must not use images found on the internet without permission from the owner. Flickr and Wikimedia Commons are two websites that contain several images released using a Creative Commons license. You will probably need to credit the photographer of the image, but you will not need to pay a fee for its use.

    What are the disadvantages of blogging?
    There are some potential disadvantages:
    • Blogs require continuous effort to maintain. A blog updated less frequently can give the appearance that your research project is inactive. A static website might be a better option.
    • If you allow comments on your blog, then somebody needs to monitor them. It is important that visitors receive a reply while deleting the spam comments. 
    Even with some disadvantages, it is still worth to have a blog. Do you have a blog? How do you maintain your blog?

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