How To Grow Your Twitter Following Free?

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How to grow Twitter following at no matter what level. So, if you’re at zero followers or if you’re at a hundred followers, a thousand, a hundred thousand, there’s always room to grow.

Please ask yourself, why you want to grow your Twitter following? Do you want to grow it to gain exposure, to drive business, to be a part of the community out there, to get your thoughts out there? Great, I love that. That’s the way you should work it. Twitter is like any social media, you get what you put in. And if you put in love, and you put in time, and you put in effort, and you put in good intention then that all comes back to you. I really applaud any business person or any person for that matter that are on these communities to do that.

So, after that’s been said, the number two thing that I do to grow a following is put out good content. Now this might be something that you say, “Well, that’s a given.” But I see so many people that don’t follow this rule. Now it doesn’t mean that you must put out your own original content all the time, that’s not what I’m saying. What I’m saying is that you must find your audience. Find out who you want to touch and provide good content that fits that. You can always sprinkle in things of your personality, things that are about who you are. But you just must think a little about the ratio, okay? Personally, I do mostly marketing, mostly business. I would say maybe 10% of what I post is personal. I consciously have thought about what my ratios are, and I play to that, and you should too.

Let’s talk more about good content. Because you can find good content and what I do to find good content is just search the web, look on good blogs, read a lot, find good content, find out other thought leaders in your space that have good content, follow them, see what they’re posting, post similar things, maybe have an angle on it that’s different. But it really is about finding, and until you start producing your own content other people’s content is fine, like don’t get me wrong, that’s what Twitter is about, that’s what sharing is about. If everyone stopped posting other people’s content, there would be no point in sharing things. I mean that would just take social down completely. I myself I probably share 80% of other people’s content and normally 20% of my content. So, think about that. Until you get your own content up and running, share other people’s. Next, your own content. Okay, this can be difficult to get started.

A lot of you out there probably have trouble finding your own voice, finding out what to do on Twitter, what to do on your blog, what to do on Instagram, what is your voice, what do you want to say, what is your angle? This is extremely difficult. I mean, some of the biggest brands in the world haven’t figure out what is their content strategy, what is their angle, what is their voice. We’re talking about brands with millions of dollars that haven’t figured this out yet. So, setting that bar is high. And I want you to remember that. You’re not going to hit home runs out of the park when you first step up the bat, you’re going to hit some singles, you’re going to hit some foul balls.

But the point is that you just must get started, thinking about writing a blog, thinking about producing videos, thinking about producing snap chats, think about producing Instagram’s and just get started doing it and you’ll find your voice. And don’t be afraid to copy a little bit. Okay, some of the greatest artists in the world, that’s where they started. When they were learning to paint they were painting other people’s paintings. Not a lot of great artists just started, you know, if you look at a band for example, where do you start when you start being a musician, you start by playing cover songs. You start by listening to the greats and replicating them. The same holds true for content. If you haven’t made content yet, look at other people’s and steal, copy, make a little bit of a different slant on it. And listen, have big ears. I mean, some of the best musicians in the world have said, they have big ears because they listen to everything. They listen to classical music, they listen to reggae, they listen to rap, they listen to rock, and they took pieces of it to make their own sound. The Police, classic example, punk, reggae, pop, jazz, and I think that’s how you create good content. You have big ears and you listen and learn from the pros and make your own voice, it will come. Trust me. A year of doing your own thing or you’re stealing, you’ll find your voice.

The 3rd tip that I have for you for growing your twitter following no matter what people like. Now this comes in a couple of different forms. This comes in retweeting, favoriting, and following another people’s content and commenting on them, replying. And there’s a few things that you can do to build a following fast. If you already have a large following, then you can follow more people without Twitter raising a red flag because there’s some certain limits that Twitter puts on you if you’re at a certain number of followers that you can’t follow anymore until you bring your following up. Now if you got a large following then you don’t have this problem, you can follow a lot of people. And if you already have a large following you probably don’t need to follow that much anymore to grow your following.

If you’re starting really from scratch I recommend you follow a lot of people. Follow the maximum, follow 2,000 people in your industry that have potential to follow you back, you’re not going to follow. You must follow people that are probably at your weight class or a little bit higher and then they’ll follow back if you’re posting interesting content. And that’s how you really get things going. And I recommend you use a couple of different apps. Follow those people that are following people that you’re interested in as well in your industry. And then the other thing is reply to them, engage with them, retweet, favorite, video reply. A great thing about Twitter replies now is when you do it you have to stand out a little bit. I mean, if you just constantly just favorite, favorite, favorite.

That’s probably okay, but if you really want to stand out, if you really want to make a difference in people’s lives and grab them then you need to reply in a great and memorable way. And think about just following up with people. So instead of, you know, once you’ve hooked somebody in your net, and they’re your follower, just don’t ignore them. Go back to them; go see what they’re up to. They probably have some great content you want to engage with. And it’s going to take several interactions. I believe the number is probably 9 interactions with that person before they’re going to keep following you for a long time and constantly go back. And it’s not about scamming them; it’s not about building a following just to build a following. But I think what you’ll find is that this amazing thing that you’re building, this community, these followers, these friends on social media, they really can add a lot of value to your life.

And that’s a core point, is that if you are out there just to build a following to build a following, you’re not going to get much out of it. But if you’re there to build a following so that you can engage with people, get them to engage with your content and to learn and to grow and to build something incredible, then my 3 points here will help you get there.

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  1. I really needed to read this about growing my following on Twitter. I am guilty of putting this social media outlet on the back burner and now see I really need to step up my game. Thanks for sharing.

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