How To Turn Negative Into Something Positive

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Negative comments are not always bad, they may be really helpful to pin point mistakes you are making. Negative comments help you become better blogger. As a blogger you must focus on reading negative comments more than positive ones. Lets us see how as a blogger we can turn negative into something positive or useful for yourself.

Negative comments tell you where you are wrong

Most of the Bloggers don’t like negative comments on their blog , they think that this will harm their reputation , but for me I consider it as a good lesson that I get for my readers as to where am I making the mistakes and what are the mistakes . Also it helps you to know what your readers expect from you and what are he points where have you not lived up to their expectations. As the blog gets bigger so will the negative comments. Remember if you people are not jealous of you , it means something is definitely wrong somewhere.

But then again you should not try to encourage your readers to write negative comments . It would be a total stupidity from your side and a thing which will not go down well with your readers . Golden Rule of Marketing applies here too ” You cannot please everyone at the same , but the more the Better”. This world is a place with people having different opinions.

Negative comments enable you to discuss the topic with your readers & among the readers themselves
A blog with exactly the same comment given by all the readers would be so much boring be it good or bad . A comment like ” Great post .Keep it up” if made by all the readers would not give you much encouragement. On the other hand a comment like ” You messed it up there ” will fuel the fire in you and encourage to present the topic in even more better way. Having a negative comment on your blog may encourage discussions among your readers , chances are they would discuss that on your blog itself thus adding to your blog’s popularity. This kind of war of words is good for the blog owner as it makes your blog even more popular.

I encourage every blog owner to allow negative comments on his / her blog . These kind of comments will bring people on either side of the issue to post their views about the topic . Remember having this kind of discussion on our blog as some might say won’t decrease the traffic instead would help you get more traffic than normal.

People Who say they are not coming back to your blog in fact do come back.

People who write negative comments about your blog and pretend to never come back are the ones more likely to visit your site again to see the results of their comments. Nobody is likely to not visit a previously visited site again. People would say that your blog is not good and nobody will come back to your blog again . In fact these kind of people come back to visit your blog and encourage you to write another post just for them , Kind of irony isn’t it.

How to handle a negative comment in your Blog.

The best way to go about it is to thank such kind of readers for pointing it out to you and then address his concerns. Never discourage a reader even if he discourages you . In fact it would make you look unprofessional . Never delete a negative comment on your blog . A comment is much more important than content , and content drives traffic to your post .

The next time there are negative comments on your blog don’t be discouraged , be proud that your blog is growing and it is attracting attention . If you don’t get a negative comment on your blog or website you are not doing it right.

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