How To Write A Review On Your Blog?

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A review post can be either a sponsored post or a link post. In either a blogger can build a good reputation for himself if he writes it with honesty. I know that many bloggers already write reviews on their blogs but you can never have enough practice on this type of post. The Web is increasingly being used by people for research to help make purchasing decisions.

Reviews on your blog help position you well to meet this need that people have. The other great aspect about review posts is that they show you have opinions on your topic. This makes an impression on readers and increases the likelihood that they’ll see you as an authority on the topic that you’re writing about.

Reviews Irrelevant for Your Blog?
You might be thinking to yourself right now that your blog is unsuited to review posts. For example, you may not write about products nor think of any books that might relate to your topic. Fear not—all you need to do is think a little creatively to still be able to do today’s challenge. Here are a few ideas for reviews:

  • Books
  • Movies or TV shows relevant to your audience
  • Another web site in your niche
  • A restaurant if you’re a food blogger
  • An article from a magazine or web site
  • A hotel, tourist destination, or airline if you’re a travel blogger
  • An outfit that a celebrity is wearing if you’re a fashion blogger
  • A speech given by a politician if you’re a political blogger
  • A gadget if you’re a tech blogger
  • A tool or piece of equipment relevant to your niche
  • An exhibition or gallery if you’re an art blogger
  • A toy if you’re a parent blogger
  • An instrument if you’re a music blogger

If you’re writing reviews of a book or product that’s listed on a site like Amazon, consider writing a review for that site too. I’m aware of a number of bloggers who are prolific reviewers on Amazon, and who have actually built up a good name and profile for themselves through leaving insightful and helpful reviews on that site.

While you’re forbidden to leave live links back to your blog IN your review, leaving reviews allows you to have a profile page. You can then leave a link and information about yourself. Some reviewers also include their URL in their profile name.

Again, it’s all about creating value for those that read your review and letting your usefulness help sell you.

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