Increase Subscribers By Targeting Influential Bloggers In Your Niche

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The advice is exactly opposite to what others would give you in order to be successful. It makes sense to be able to influence maximum people in order get the best result, only downside being reaching out to large number of people takes time. You cannot interact with all the readers in your niche because the time you can allocate to each reader while doing this would be very less. In this short span, you cannot influence any reader and make him become loyal to your blog.

Instead, try to do the opposite. Build few connections but with people who have strong influence over the audience. It is essential to connect with other bloggers who have a medium sized following and respond to an email inquiry. Top bloggers may not be having time to respond to all the queries given the number of emails they receive daily. Essentially focus on connecting with bloggers who have the same ideology and methods like you.
You should look for bloggers in your niche who are active on social media, have medium sized audience and easy approachable. Make a list of bloggers who you think have a great chance to help you. The list should not be too big but at the same time, it should not be too small. I would prefer to start with a list of about 25 bloggers who can help me grow my blog and subscribers. While contacting them for the first time please make sure that you keep in mind the following.


  • Give a brief introduction about yourself including your blog, experience in the field and your vision.


  • Get to the point and do not add unnecessary information irrelevant.


  • Do not ask for a favor from the blogger in the very first instance as it may send a negative signal to him.


  • Tell them what your unique selling point and how you can help them and their readers.


If someone links to your blog post organically, it will send you a lot of traffic and increase your subscriber base. The main reason behind it being that the other blogger is endorsing your blog and thus increasing your authority. Getting organic links is different from guest blogging because writing a guest post will result in only a couple of link backs to your site, while blogger may link to several posts on your blog at once and hence number of back links will increase considerably. Recommendation by other bloggers is the easiest method to get traffic and increase subscribers to your blog.

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