Keep Your Blog Posts Granular

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A common strategy of many successful blogs is that in addition to having an overarching niche topic, they tend to have each post focus upon a more tightly targeted topic. On some levels this is a fairly natural and logical thing that most bloggers do—but occasionally I come across a blog post that seems to want to answer every question known to humankind in a single post. The result can be a long, unfocused, rambling post that doesn’t really go anywhere.

Keep posts granular

Instead of feeling you need to stuff everything into one post, a strategy that often works better is to be more granular in the way you post (that is, break it down into grains).

These categories are important for many reasons, including these:

  • Niche topic—Your overall blog has a niche topic or focus—something we talked about earlier.
  • Categories—Within the niche you have categories that break the overall topic into smaller parts.
  • Readability—Some of your readers will not be interested in the whole niche that you are writing about, but instead will want to look only at part of it (one or two of your categories). Category pages become, in effect, like a mini blog within your whole blog, which can help readers find and follow the elements of the topic they are interested in.
  • SEO—Search engines like information that is clustered together and linked to other information like it. This is one of the reasons why niche blogs work well in search engines. Categories help this further, with category pages often ranking well in SEs. They also help the SE bots that come to scan your site to get around easily (important for getting your whole site indexed).
  • Posts—Your categories will then be broken down even further into posts. Each post will not cover the whole category (unless your categories are very small) but will cover an element of it. Tightly focusing your posts on different elements of your category will help you to round out your whole niche topic. This structure is quite similar to that of a book, which has an overall topic, chapters, and then sections.

Hence it is recommended to keep posts granular. Have you tried writing granular posts on your blog? How is your experience with it?

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