Make Money Online with Blogs

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What is a blog?
The word ‘blog’ is short name for weblog.

Blogs generally have the following features:

  • They are updated regularly
  • They consist of a collection of posts
  • Each post has a date
  • The newest posts appear at the top of the page 

Blogs typically have the following characteristics:

  • They are not written in an excessively formal style
  • Blog posts are generally quite short
  • Most blogs have a comment feature 

Why is it worth blogging?
There are several reasons why you might consider blogging.

  • Blogs are free and easy to setup.
  • They make it easy to promote your research or community group – anyone with an internet connection can follow what you are doing
  • Blogs are usually written in an informal style. It’s OK to use them to try out ideas, to write about personal experiences, or to pose questions.
  • Updating your blog regularly with interesting content means that readers are more likely to return. This might make your blog more effective than a static website which is seldom updated.

You can set up a free blog using either or Whichever of the two platforms that you select is pretty much a matter of personal preference. The great thing about blogging is that attracting traffic to them is easier. Blogs are indexed quickly by Google as they are updated more frequently.

There are several methods to monetize a blog. Earning money from blog is directly proportional to traffic it gets. More traffic translates to more money and vice versa.

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