Top SEO Mistakes To Avoid As A Blogger

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Everyone thinks that they understand how to work with search optimization techniques, but in reality, they do not tend to and make mistakes. Following is a list of the common mistakes that people make. In knowing what mistakes to avoid, you will do a better job with your SEO.

Keywords make up a large part of your whole SEO campaign. This makes them important, but it can be easy to select the wrong words, which can cause you to miss many results. Due to this, you may want to use a keyword suggestion tool when you selecting keywords, as it can be impossible for you to come up with all the keywords for your site. Even asking friends and family to help you will not help you to get all of the appropriate keywords.


Title Tag
It is amazing how often people forget to put in a title tag. This is important because it is part of the results when someone is searching and finds your website; it is the page title in the search results. It also helps with your optimization and allowing the search engines to find you.

Flash website
Many people feel that they need to make their website as fancy and flashy as they can to attract visitors. As a result, they put flash and other items onto their website to make it look attractive to people. While these items may appeal to your viewers, these do not appeal to the search engines and may make your site harder to find, as they cannot read flash. In order to combat this, it is best to create an html version for the spiders to crawl.

As with anything else, you need to make sure that you are always working on optimizing your website. You cannot build a website and then expect it to take care of itself. You need to be continually working on optimizing it, by changing up your keywords and watching what your competition is doing.

Many people do not use a keyword in the URL of the different page names. While you can get high rankings with this method, you can get higher rankings if you use keywords in the URL. Instead of calling a file “product.htm”, it may be better to call it “yourproduct.htm”

Some people decide that they want backlinks, and they do not worry about the source or the quality of them. However, this could end up Google labelling you as spam, and the search engines may not be as friendly to you. You want to make sure that any websites that you link to are quality links, and this will help you in the rankings.

When it comes to improving how you rank in the search engines, it is important that you follow some of the rules of the Internet and the search engines. Knowing how the search engines work allows you to optimize your site for them, and as a result end up with more traffic.

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