Update Key Pages On Your Blog

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Identify important pages on your blog in terms of content and organic traffic. While every page and post on your blog is important, there are some pages on your blog which are more important than the others. Identify the pages which are important terms of helping you achieve your goals as a blogger. These pages must be taken care of and must be updated regularly. This will help them remain valuable and important part of your blogging assets.

Update Key Pages On Your Blog

Spend some time to identify important post and pages on your blog. Also, update all the posts with latest information in case they need update. Let us discuss how to identify key pages on your blog and how to update them:

1. Front Page.
This is the most obvious choice for any blogger. I do not know any blog which receives more traffic to any other page than front page. Generally other bloggers link to front page of any blog. There are number of ways in which one can update front page of their blog. Sometimes it may require complete makeovers like in case of this blog or sometimes only a few tweaks here and there are enough. Whatever method you choose, you need to do a lot of research and analysis before choosing it.

2. Managing first Time Readers
What is the impression of a reader visiting your blog for the first time? Do they get enough information about your blog from the front page? Does your blog deliver what it promises from the title and tag line? How ordered is the information presented on your blog?

3. Sidebar Arrangement

Sidebar is the most important part on your blog to make money. Almost all the ads and affiliate links are placed in the sidebar. Over time a sidebar may look unorganized due to excessive links and buttons. If this is the case, it is probably time to clean it up and make it as useful and organized as possible.

4. Headers and logo design
One way to give a new look to your blog is by adding a new logo to your blog. This logo should be self explanatory i.e it should tell readers what this blog is all about. Also, you might use a new header for your blog. A new description with important keywords may help boost your organic traffic.

5. What are your objectives as a blogger?

What do you want people to do when they arrive on your front page for the first time. You should offer them a chance to become a regular visitor by offering them a subscription to RSS feed of your blog. Also, you can offer a free subscription to your weekly newsletter. Selling a product or service can be a very good option on your front page. PPC ads on front page generate a high click through rate as compared to any other pages on your blog. Once you identify the objectives it becomes very easy to take action and place elements at critical locations on your front page.

So you must take extra care on updating key elements and pages on your blog in order to make them user friendly.

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