Why And What Should You Blog About?

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You should write a blog to express your interests. Blog on any topic that you like. You should ask yourself one question, can I express this topic in a much better way than anyone and would I be able to dedicate an hour daily writing about this topic. Writing a blog only for money would not help you to be successful in this field. Let us understand the methods which can help you become a successful blogger:

Get Your own Website and/or domain name
While if you can afford it I suggest you should have your own website but if you cant then there are some free services available which you can use for writing your blog like Blogger.com or WordPress.com or blog.co.in. These sites let you publish your own blog free of cost. Having your own domain certainly adds the personal touch and makes you look more professional, and would have advertisers have a positive feedback to your site. In fact some advertisers would accept you only if you have your own domain & website. If you have your own domain & website you can offset the cost of hosting by the advertising revenue your website would generate. If you can’t get your own website then you can use one of the free services listed above.

Update your blog as often as possible
The more successful blogs are the ones which are updated frequently. So it is advisable if you can dedicate sometime to your blog preferably everyday. If you are passionate about the topic on which you blog you would find a reason to visit and update it each day. A blog which is not updated daily would not succeed in the long run .

Let your Readers decide what they want

Lot of people fail to realize that blogging is a two way process, and a blog and for the matter of fact blogger cannot survive without its readers . Readers won’t visit a blog unless they have something interesting and unique to read . Understand the relationships better, the relationship between your blog and your readers, between your blog and other blogs on your topic. A one to one conversation between a blogger and readers is always appreciated and welcome.

Use multiple methods to monetize your blog
I see a lot of people saying that AdSense is the best way to monetize your blog , this can be true for small publishers but for publishers with large number of readership using AdSense only is not a very good option. The key to doing this is to use as less banner advertising as far as possible for providing readers with not too much distraction while giving more information. The banner ads should be coupled with inline ads and some affiliate networks .

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